Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Week in Brazil

Oi americanos!!

Sorry if my writting is bad, the keyboard is different here.

So to start you off on my adventure in brasil.... The plane ride was when it hit me that I was leaving the united states for good hahaha. I may have had a small panic attack with the other two missionaries. I turned around to Elder Hoese to see how he was doing and he was crying pretty hard so I started crying too hahaha. I sat next to a little brazilian boy and his dad. They were the nicest people... i think. In the MTC i had drawn a picture of moroni, and they saw it and really liked it. I wrote some things on the picture and gave it to the little boy, he was very excited and hugged me.. I know precious. 

Sao paulo airport. scary place. No English haha. we had to find this bus get on it then travel to a different part of the airport where we met missionaries that were locals going to our mission. no idea what any of them said and they thought it was real funny when I talked. We finally got to Curitiba and the mission president had no idea that me and sister cook were coming. surpise surprise!! We didnt have companions!! They sent me with another Elder to this little tiny not very nice hotel with one of the new missionaries. He new how to say Hello so he just kept saying that over and over and over. 

Honestly the first day here I wanted to get back on the plane and come home. I hated the people. I hated the smell. I hated the gigantic city im in haha! 

My companions name is Elder Leite and he studdied English in Utah for 3 years. prayer answered, I can stay in brasil haha! We have a pretty sweet place, it has a spiral stair case and everything! The other missionaries that live with us are Americans! Elder Phelps is pretty dope, and Elder Newbolt went to Davis and we know eachother haha! Small world right?! 
Elder Leite got mad at me for killing spiders... apparently we like them. They kill all the mosquitos i guess. I dont like them at all haha! They are muito Grande here! While we were teaching an investigator I watched a black widow the size of a quarter go ham on this fly!.... needless to say I have no idea what the lesson was on. Well I guess I have no idea what any of our lessons are on hahaha Elder Leite just looks at me and tells me to bear my testimony on a certain subject haha. 
I also saw my first snake in Brasil! It was about 6 inches long and I jumped like a little girl. We dont like snakes in Brasil hahaha
Yesterday we had a BBQ which was really good until they handed me this jar of what looked like bits of beans and peppers. They told me to put some on my rice..... I think i died a little on the inside when I ate that. It was ghost pepper juice...... The hottest pepper in the world!!!!!!! people put two or three drops in a pan of rice to spice it up, and I put a spoonfull on my little plate of rice!!!! Needless to say I now know what hell tastes like and I dont recomend it. 
Other than that I love it here and every day is a new adventure! We teach a tone of people and already have every saturday for march booked for baptism! boom! Miss you all and love to hear from you!!

Elder Grande Gringo

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