Monday, March 16, 2015

New Week!

So it is a new week!! It has been a great week to be honest! sorry for the debby downer last week!! yall are such amazing people and I feel so lucky to have each and every one of you! 
This week we have walked so much!! We have and a lot of failure haha but it is all starting to pay off!! One day we only had two houses answer which is really weird for Brasil! But one of the houses that did let us in accepted our baptismal challenge which was pretty baller because I was the one that invited them! The other house We went to I messed up the first vission so bad!! I forgot to mention the two personagens..... They are kind of critical!! It just reminds me of the quote that Coach Arquette has on his wall by michael jordon.. I missed over 300,000 shots, lost over 300 games, 29 times ive been trusted with the game winning shot and missed. I fail, and fail, and fail...And That is why I SUCCEED.

They have a soap here with a cool name... nips all day.... yup you heard me!! Its freaking awesome hahaha! They dont mess around in Brasil!
mI gotta tell yall about the rain here! Its flippin crazy!! like an unberella is a complete waste of time. The rain comes from every direction, and where the rain doesnt get ya you wsweating hahaha..... I love it!!! I havent seen a day here without lightning and thunder!! Its so cool! and the clouds with the humidity are so beautiful! 

I must say that we had a pretty unique teaching moment haha not! We had this inactive lady crying about something.... I dont know what because I dont have any idea what people say still haha, but as she was crying her four year old daughter decided that she wanted attention... so she descided to remove all her clothes and run in circles going weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Elder Leite and I deserve a medal because that was so hard not to laugh at!! And plus the mom didnt even care so  it went on for a good 30 minutes... freakin loco!!

Love yall and hope to hear from ya!

Elder Gringo/Wright

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