Monday, March 9, 2015

Oi Amigos

Oi Amigos,
Well to start off im just going to say this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Me and my companion have had some disputes but we are good now. I have been missing yall like crazy and think about each of you every day. We are working so hard and we all have at least 4 blisters each. I should have been hit by a car at least a dozen times now haha. There is no care for life and people either love missionaries or try to dispose of them haha. 

I recieved my first prompting to not go into a house and I didnt listen. bad idea. The guy was so crazy and he just had such a bad spirit about him.

I dont wanna gross any of you out, but do you know what its like to have one bathroom and three elders from america who have constant.... hershy squirts????!!! sometimes you make it... sometimes you dont... ill just leave it at that hah!

Ive lost a tone of weight because we only eat one meal a day and on top of that we fast  a lot! 

There has been a lot of bad things that have happened that im not going to share with yall but just know that we are blessed.

Despite all the bad I have never seen so many prayers answered in one week! we have 5 baptisms lined up for the 28th! boom. I dont have any idea what people are saying but they point at me a lot and it gets really annoying. during lessons its really hard to stay away because I dont know whats going on and I day dream a lot haha! 

There was more that I wanted to write but I dont remember haha whoops!!

love yall and hope your doing good!

Elder Wright

ps. id tell ya about our investigators but I dont know how to spell or say their names so sorry hahaha

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