Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello fellow friends!

So this was a pretty good week of work!! I was pretty tired last P day and didnt have any time to rest. When we finally got to the house it was time to leave and work. We worked our buns off!! We found 25 new investigators this week which was really great!

We are teaching this one lady who was really familiar to me. I have already met her in my life I swear!! She is grandmother willow off of the movie pocahontas haha!!!! She has the same face and wrincles and attitude hahaha! 

This ladies husband has altimers.... I know Ispelt that wrong... But anywhoo he doesnt remember anything that anybody says, but he remembers the missionaries and every word in our lessons! So thats pretty cool to see!

Sorry forgot my camera so I wont send any pics this week! I have a pretty good pic of my companion eating macaroni and cheese for the first time though haha!! Sister brown gave me two boxes of it and it has been the best mac and cheese of my life!! These flipping brazilians dont have the good food here!

That was my week peeps!!

Elder Wright

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