Sunday, August 30, 2015

Waters of Mormon

Hello my fellow patawons! 

So this week we had another baptism!! woohoo!! His name is Alfonso and his son has already been baptized for about a year. We got him to quit smoking, drinking, tea, and coffee!! He should be a great addition to this branch!

Have a good rain story! So it started raining and we didnt have our umberellas so we started walking back to our appartment to get them and it started raining really hard so we got stuck under this little canopy. we sat there with our zone leader for about 30 minutes watching the rain/river in the street. it was pretty relaxing until the building in front of us about 200 yard got hit by flipping lightning!! It was so insane!! It was loud! Bright! terrifing!! all of it!! After that we snapped a quick selfi and went to our appartment and we turned around just at the right time to see the building we were standing under before get hit with lighting!!! I hate lighting now and have an extreme fear of it. nough said about that. 

We had two baptisms lined up for next week and they were so excited to be baptized. But today we have to tell them well the dad at least that he cant be baptized because he is on parol. sucks. I am honestly not liking this rule at all that we cant baptize someone who is still paying for a crime. 

On a happier note we got a new house that is freaking awesome!! we swithed houses with the sisters because now we only have two elders and 4 sisters so we had to switch houses.

People who live in the lower part of the valley are all packing up their stuff because the floods are predicted to come this week so that should be interesting to see!!

Well peeps thats all I have for you this week!

Love Elder WRiteee 


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