Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hey there peeps!

Ive been transferred!! I spent the last 4 and a half months in the city of Canoinhas and now I just got transfered. I literally just spent 6 hours on buses to get to my new area haha!

Im not going to lie saying goodbye to the families in Canoinhas was really hard. I am so attached to all of them, but I am super excited to meet some new faces! My new companions name is Elder Silva and he is from Peru. I think by the time my mission is over I will have had a companion from every country here in South America! 

I took pictures with the two families that had the biggest impact on me. The one picture where we are standing is the family of Vilmar and Mara. They both started crying when they were telling me how thankful they were that I knocked their door, and that I will always be apart of their family.... yup I cried a little.

The sky is blue, church is true, and i love U!

Elder Wright


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