Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oi Fooooobeckas

So this week was pretty interesting!

To start off I got hit by dog that was hit by a car.... Yeah. We were walking and this dog was standing in the road and a car drilled the dog and the dog flew and hit me haha. Its not really that funny but I just never thought that this would be a story that I would have in my life haha! 

Another great story that I never thought I would have in my life.. I had an ostriche ( I dont know how to spell ostrich... the big bird from australia) Anywhoo the big bird tried to bite me!! We were just walking by this little wall thing and what do ya know a giant bird stood up on the otherside that was taller than me and tried to bite me on the shoulder!! People I cant make this stuff up. The mission is the most crazy place in the world. 

I think we cursed a lady but I wont get into that story because its kinda haunting me.

Soooo that was my week... Oh and my church is way cooler than your church!

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