Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello Freaks!

So this week was a bit more interesting! Monday we knocked doors and talked with a bunch more Catholic people that politely told us they hate us haha. Well some people just flat out told us that we were of the devil haha! The last door we knocked was the crazy guy on the block if ya know what I mean. He is the guy that has 6 Volkswagen cars in his front lawn.... So we clapped at his door and he came out and told us to come in before we said anything! Went in the house and there was so much booz that it blew my mind!!! I told my companion lets teach the word of wisdom haha!! We started talking with him and he has drinkin beer once in his life and hated it haha!! He said that beer advertisement is his job but he hates the stuff hahah!!! This is why we dont judge people! He has a date marked to be baptized here in a couple weeks woohoo!

Some of the young men here have been bringing their friend Marcos to all the activites and so we got his address and taught him the first lesson. He is 15 and was really interested. He even went to church yesterday! we went to teach him last night and his dad came out and threatened us to never come back to his house again... Marcos came out and told us that he had an answer to his prayer that it was true and when he talked to his dad about it his dad beat him. He had a black eye and his nose was broken. Im still trying to figure out the plan God had for this one.

To end on a happier note we had a church activity that was pretty awesome! You had to answer a question agains another person and whoever got it wrong got a pie in the face!! I lost twice and swore that I would never return to the church again haha! 

This was my week peeps

Love Elder Wright!! ps send me pics of yall!! 

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