Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello Earthlings

Bom dia macacos! Translation (good morning monkeys)

So this week was just another week. We had the president of the mission talk to us about faith and it was really good. He said there are three types of faith. the first level of faith is just to believe. It is the most basic form. The second level or step is action. those who act to strengthen their faith will gain miracles depending on the works they do. The third level is when we do all the things possible to strengthen our faith and God will give us power to do whater we want according to our faith.

Through faith anything is possible. 

I gave a talk yesterday in church and I only had 6 minutes to prepare so I just talked about faith for 15 minutes haha. I dont really have a fear to talk in front of people anymore and its really nice! 

I hope all is well with yall and more importantly I hope yall still love your lovable Zachy poo here in Brasil! (if I had a cell phone right now I would send a winky face and kissy face to yall just fyi) 

Peace fatys

Elder Wright
Ps. they are playing Hips dont lie by my love shakeeeerrrrraaaa woot woot. I love this computer lab. 

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